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Industrial solutions through design & craftsmanship.

Production Plus is a dynamic, full-service manufacturing company oriented around one goal: solving problems for our customers. Since 1979, we have been producing Magic Rack, the original and industry pace-setting racking system engineered to increase your density and your profits. Production Plus also offers an experienced fabrication division with the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of products. No matter what industry you’re in, we pride ourselves in providing the products and services you need.

Our Vision:

An ability to see the big picture and beyond. Let our expertise solve the problems you see and anticipate the ones you don’t.

Our Process: We offer a full suite of services tailored to your need.

Consulting: by phone, e-mail, or on-site in your facility.
Design: Since our founding in 1979, we’ve been designing solutions that meet the widely varying needs of industry. The technology we use has changed, but our commitment to designing the best solution remains constant. Already have a design in mind? We have the facilities to make it a reality.
Manufacturing: our facility is equipped to turn designs into real products.
Maintenance: our service to our customers goes beyond consulting, design, and manufacturing. We offer mobile services to meet our customer’s needs on-site.


Magic Rack® Division summary:

The Magic Rack® division provides efficient solutions to the finishing industry. Whether you’re in the planning stage of line installation or reconfiguring for a new part, the Magic Rack® Division will make sure your project is completed on time. Our racking and masking solutions ensure your paint line maximizes efficiency and density while minimizing or even eliminating waste.

Fabrication Division summary

Heavy or light duty, repairs or custom design, the fabrication division at Production Plus provides efficient solutions that meet your company’s needs. Our Fabrication Division often works in tandem with the Magic Rack division when customers in the finishing industry require a heavy-duty solution.

Made in the USA

Magic Rack® is 100% made in the USA, something we are very proud of!

Industry Voices

  • Everything is working great. Thank you for rushing the order to us. We have seen a significant improvement in our paint coverage due to the better grounding. We are also able to hang more parts per hook which has improved our output.

  • Don’t know why you had to ask if they worked?? Everything I have ever asked you guys to develop a hanging method for, has always worked perfectly!! This one is no exception. We are running a couple tests, but everything looks great. Thanks for your efforts and quick turnaround!!!

  • We first purchased our Magic Racks 15 years ago and we’ve been very pleased with them. Tell your other potential buyers we would highly recommend Magic Racks.

  • Thank you for developing this product! I have used other racks and these work the best. I’m using 100 racks for 50,000 parts yielding 50 parts per rack & 5,000 pieces per run.